Terms & Refund Policy


Please only buy the product and services if you agree to the terms and agreement mentioned below

1. Product refund policy 7 days from date of receiving.

2. Product only refundable in case of non-compatibility.

3. Free Support only available for 30 days from the date of installation.

4. Premium support charges applicable after 30 days of activation.

5. Extender or booster products installtion or configuration support is paid.

6. Premium support can be taken for (Routers Connect) products for installation with 3rd party routers or extenders.

7. We only sell products manufactured ​and labeled by Routers Connect however these products can be co-configured and installed with other router and extender brands.

8. Incase of refund, please send request within 7 days on Email- on support@routersconnect.com .  Refund process take up to 2 to 3 weeks.

9. Refund and Return Package: All refund items are shipped back to a China unit. Our courier team will pickup the refund items  within 48 hours from the place where delivery was made. Incase of defect your placement will be done within 7 working days or you may request a refund as well.