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Dual Band


802.11n dual band routers or 802.11ac capable routers can operate in both the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz frequency bands (which makes it dual band). However, not all devices that support 802.11n support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands

Wi-Fi Protected Setup


This feature allows you to easily add wireless devices to your network. These devices must also support WPS. Most new HP wireless printers support WPS pushbutton and PIN methods.



Some wireless routers offer a USB port to support USB printers and USB portable hard drives. Routers that support USB printers often support the printing function of an All-in-One, but do not support scanning or faxing.



If you have a large home or one that contains metal and/or concrete structural elements, you may need to extend your wireless router’s signal to get good wireless coverage throughout your home.

WE826 T2 4G LTE Router Alto Nivel


WE1026 5 8G OpenWRT GPS 4G LTE CPE Wireless Wifi


2-4Ghz Wireless Router 300Mbps


We1026 4g-3g bus wifi lte


WE826T E 300Mbps 3G USB Wireless WiFi Router


Wireless QCA9531 chipset Router


11N 300M Wireless Router, internal Antenna (QCA9531 Chipset)


11N 300M Wireless router, 4*External Antenna (QCA9531 Chipset)